AHIMA 2022 House of Delegate Bylaw Proposal

By: Shawn Armbruster, RHIA; MHIMA Delegate

Your elected MHIMA Delegates will be attending the AHIMA House of Delegates (HoD) on October 9, 2022, in Columbus, OH, and will be representing the Michigan delegation and serving as your voice to AHIMA.

During the House of Delegates (HoD), the following proposed AHIMA bylaw changes will be voted on.

The Delegates are looking for any comments: opposed to, suggested amendments, and those in favor of the changes. All comments are welcome so we can represent MHIMA’s voice.

Please review the documents and email any questions, concerns, and comments to MHIMA Delegate, Shawn Armbruster at shawn.armbruster@wellstar.org by
Monday, October 3rd.  

Thank you!