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Erika Bailey Student Concierge Program

The Michigan Health Information Management Association (MHIMA) is pleased to announce a program to provide opportunities for students to become involved in MHIMA.

What is the Erika Bailey Student Mentor Program?

The Erika Bailey Student Mentor Program is designed to engage Michigan HIT/HIM students in the values of volunteerism and professionalism. Student volunteers assist in pre-conference preparation, prepare meeting materials, monitor sessions, and assist the speakers, manage the registration desk, are runners for the Program and Exhibit coordinators and assist with special events.

The Association will select several students to be Student Concierges and one student to be a Liaison to the MHIMA Board.

  • The Student Concierges will be assigned Association tasks as needed. In addition to providing concierge duties at the Annual Meeting, they may also be called upon to provide this type of service at other MHIMA-sponsored and/or regional association-sponsored events. Travel/lodging/meal expenses (if applicable) will be reimbursed by MHIMA. The Board will consider one Student Concierge from each geographic location from your program.
  • One Student Liaison from the list of Student Concierges will be appointed by the MHIMA Board. The Student Liaison will attend Board meetings as a non-voting member and will coordinate the activities of the Student Concierges. Their primary activity will be coordinating “concierge” duties at the MHIMA Annual Meeting. Travel/lodging/meal expenses (if applicable) will be reimbursed by MHIMA. The appointment as Student Liaison includes a requirement that they have served one year as a Student Concierge.

What are the requirements to serve as a Student Concierge?

  • Must be a student member of AHIMA and MHIMA
  • Must be enrolled in or a first-year graduate of a Michigan CAHIIM-accredited Health Information program at the time of registration.
  • Must have a means of transportation, email access and phone access.
  • Must be willing to review information, communicate effectively with a variety of healthcare professionals, and demonstrate excellent writing skills.
  • Full and part-time students are eligible for Student Liaison positions.

What are the benefits to students?

Student volunteers will receive:

  • A certificate from the Board recognizing their dedication, commitment, and service.
  • Complimentary Registration at one (1) MHIMA or Regional CA Sponsored Educational or Networking event per term of service as a Student Concierge.
  • Gain invaluable knowledge of the convention process and volunteer experience.
  • Become acquainted and network with Association Leaders and possible future employers!
  • Growth in professionalism, communication, knowledge of HIM and project management skills.
  • Specialized task assignments that not only support MHIMA’s largest annual event but also build up their portfolio and resume.
  • Respect and recognition among MHIMA professionals.
  • Potential opportunity to serve on the MHIMA Board as Student Concierge Liaison.
  • The opportunity to meet interesting Speakers and interact with Exhibitors.
  • Access to sessions they monitor during your assignments.
  • Complimentary shared hotel accommodations (with one other student concierge of the same gender);
  • Complimentary (or reimbursed) meals during their assignment at the convention or other event.

How do students find out about this program?

MHIMA relies on each HIT/HIM Program Director to share the information and applications to their students.  Position descriptions and student applications will be distributed to Program Directors in  March.  Please share this information with your students.

How is a Student Liaison selected?

The Student Liaison is selected by the MHIMA Board based on the student applications received as well as the Program Director’s recommendation.

What is the timeline for the Student Concierge program?

  • February
    • Position descriptions and applications distributed to Program Directors
  • March
    • Student Concierge applications submitted to 1st Year Director of MHIMA (contact information included in application) DEADLINE: Feb 29, 2024
  • April
    • Student Concierge(s) and Liaison selected and notified by 1st Year Director of MHIMA by March 29, 2024
  • May
    • Student Concierge(s)/Liaison participate in MHIMA Annual Meeting
  • June
    • Student Concierge(s) and Liaison participate in MHIMA Leadership Session
  • August through May
    • Student Liaison participates in bi-monthly MHIMA Board Meetings
    • Student Concierges and Liaisons participate in Retention and Recruitment Committee
    • Student Liaison participates in Annual Meeting Committee as needed and coordinates Student Concierges
    • Student Liaison and Concierges participate in MHIMA Annual Meeting in May