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Board and Committee Responsibilities and Descriptions

MHIMA Elected Leader


Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors.  Keep informed of the activities of the Association.

Perform such duties as are delegated by the President and/or Board of Directors.

Minimum Position Requirements:

  • Be an Active MHIMA member in good standing with an approved AHIMA credential.
  • Preferred minimum two years of elected Board experience at any state or national level. (second year of current Board position meets this preference)
  • Understanding of MHIMA bylaws, policies and procedures.

Financial Officer (2-year term)

Attend all meetings of the MHIMA Board of Directors. He/she shall keep informed of all activities of the association; prepare financial reports as requested; serve as Strategy Manager of the Finance Strategy; assist in the development of the proposed budget each year; sign business documents as required; monitor payroll responsibilities for the Central Office.

Director (2-year term)

Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and assist in carrying out the business of the Association. Perform such duties as delegated by the President and/or Board of Directors.

Delegate (2-year term)

Represent MHIMA at AHIMA’s House of Delegates; serve as an advocate to regional associations. Requires access to e-mail and the Internet, good communication skills, and critical and strategic thinking skills.

AHIMA Nominating Committee

Represent MHIMA on the Ballot for the AHIMA Nominating Committee. Requires some experience with AHIMA to assure knowledge of members nationally who may be selected to run for AHIMA office.

MHIMA Nominating Committee

Represent MHIMA in selecting qualified candidates to run for office in the following year’s election.

MHIMA Committees


Help MHIMA keep abreast of current healthcare legislation that will affect our members.

Annual Meeting Committee

Help with arrangements and the program for the annual meeting or select items for promotions to be sold at the annual meeting and throughout the year.

Awards Committee

Help with selecting Yvonne Harbert Student Achievement Award and Scholarship winner(s) and/or MHIMA Distinguished Member or Mentor Award winners.

CDIG – Coding Roundtable Committee

Send your resume to help this group to assist in scheduling and moderating Coding Roundtables that are pertinent to your needs and answer coding questions from MHIMA members. You must have a minimum of two years of coding experience.

Communication: FOCUS, Social media, engage community

Help write articles and edit the newsletter.

Manage social media postings.

Get involved with communication with members through the Michigan Engage on the AHIMA website. Interact with members and assist with answering pertinent questions.

Education Committee

Help schedule and design educational meetings for the year with assistance from the Central office.


Get involved with the E-HIM initiatives in the State of Michigan or your local region.

MHIMA Foundation (MMRC)

Help raise funds for MHIMA scholarships and awards.

Student liaison Program

Help prepare the HIM professionals of the future.