Webinar — Sepsis: Does the Clinical Criteria Support the Medical Coding?

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This presentation will present empirical data on medical coding and sepsis. The presentation will include study data to identify if there are any discrepancies with coded data and the clinical data in the medical records that supports the diagnosis of sepsis. To assess the accuracy of medical coding of sepsis, the researcher designed a data abstraction tool which includes key clinical indicators and other pertinent clinical information. This data abstraction tool was used to abstract data from the medical records in the study sample. The researcher will determine if there are cases that are not properly coded based on Sepsis 2 criteria as sepsis and the number of sepsis cases reported is unrepresented of the total population of patients with sepsis. Identifying these issues will help providers to improve documentation to support sepsis when it is clinically present. Identifying these issues will help medical coders to identify the need to clarify any conflicting documentation in the medical record. Identifying these issues will help researchers to recognize there are limitations in data sets. In future studies, the data abstraction tool could be utilized to evaluate more medical records and include other geographical regions on the United States.

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April 13, 2023
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST

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