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Distinguished Member Award

The MHIMA Distinguished Member Award honors a member who has been active at the national, state and regional levels, provided other contributions to the profession of HIM, and is actively involved with their community and organizational activities.


The following must be met to nominate a member for this award:

  1. Active member of MHIMA, or if retired, must have been a member in good standing at the time of retirement.
  2. Sitting MHIMA Board members are ineligible for the Distinguished Member Award throughout their term of Board service.

* Deadline to apply is March 31st.

Evaluation and Selection

The MHIMA Foundation composed of health information professionals will evaluate each application. The awardee is the applicant with the highest total number of points based on the scoring criteria to include organizational involvement, activities, community service, honors, awards & recognition, and the letter of recommendation.


Members may only receive the award one time.

Please contact us for any questions.

Previous Winners

2022Thomas “T.J.” Hunt
2021No One Selected
2020No One Selected
2019No One Selected
2018Michael Rant
2017Denise Holstege
2016No One Selected
2015Sheila Bowlds
2014No One Selected
2013No One Selected
2012No One Selected
2011Nancy Walker
2010No One Selected
2009No One Selected
2008Sally Rynberg
2007Marsha Allen
2006Rochelle Cooper
2005Leslie Mack
2004Peggy Chapo
2003Marie Sickelsteel
2002Patricia Rubio
2001Amy Savage
2000No One Selected
1999No One Selected
1998J. Thomas Donnelly
1997Janice E. Crocker
1996No One Selected
1995Margaret Neterer
1994No One Selected
1993No One Selected
1992Carol Jaeger
1991Carol Jennings
1990Kathryn Sheehy
1989Donna Neal
1988Jeanette Linck
1987Yvonne Harbert
1986No One Selected
1985Harriet List
1984Marjorie Balmer
1983Sister Mary Vita Pandolfo